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Great Disk Jockey, Prince Kaybee gives render assistant to an assaulted woman

Amazing Talented South african DJ, Prince Kaybee gave legal assistance to an unknown woman allegedly assaulted in an apparent road-rage incident in Bloemfontein over the weekend.

The DJ’s attention was drawn to a video of a woman marching towards a car, shouting for the owner of the vehicle to drive. In her rage, she can be seen slamming the driver’s door and swearing.
The driver, Thobekile Mbhele, said on Twitter that the woman’s husband had allegedly choked and hit her before and after the video.

Thobekile said she did not know what provoked the attack because she had simply stopped at a red traffic light when the car stopped behind her and the man allegedly attacked her.

After watching the video which has gone viral on Twitter, Kaybee reacted.

“I wish the f**ker would try choke me. Anyway I can offer you legal assistance if you not sorted. I have a legal team in Bloemfontein where you are. Please let me know,” he wrote in a message to Thobekile.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the woman expressed gratitude to the DJ.

“He told me that he has a team in Bloemfontein that can help me out and offered to pay for the legal fees. He got me in touch with lawyers and the firm has already informed us that the fees will be paid by Prince Kaybee. I am so grateful to him for everything that he has done. He has been amazing.”

The Police also confirmed that the case has been reported and it’s being worked on.

“A case of common assault was opened at Parkweg police station after an incident on the September 15 at approximately 11.30am. The complainant alleges that she was stopped at a robot, waiting for the light to change, when the suspect came to her vehicle and started assaulting her for no reason.

“There have been no arrests but the suspect is known. The matter is now under investigation,” police spokesperson Lt-Col Thabo Covane said.