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Rapper, AKA admits that he lied to sell His “Touch My Blood” album

South african Rap mogul

  • AKA
  • has admitted he lied during the marketing process of the studio album “Touch My Blood” . The rapper at the time of release said the album would be his last piece of work which motivated a large number of his fans to embrace the project as a curtain call.

    AKA admitted to the strategy on social media while dishing out snippets from his forthcoming project. AKA told a fan “I lied to sell records. It worked.”

    The Cape Town born rapper won’t be the first hip hop artiste to boost sales through lying. Drake lied about his relationship with his father, 50 Cent lied about drugs and Jay Z notoriously lied that the “The Black Album” would be his last project. AKA’s Touch My Blood album has since been certified platinum by RISA.